‘Heaven Knows’ Album Review

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Victoria Beverly Walker, better known by her stage name PinkPantheress, released a 13-song debut album on Nov. 10. At just 22 years old, she has taken to the popular app TikTok to make a name for herself in the music industry. If you think you have never heard PinkPantheress sing, odds are you probably have. PinkPantheress can be heard in the song, “Boy’s a liar, Pt.2” with fellow singer Ice Spice. Together, their song hit number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Her album, “Heaven Knows” presents the same kind of sound as the PinkPantheress we are familiar with in, “Boy’s a liar, Pt.2”.

According to website Pop Sugar, PinkPantheress explained how she chose her stage name, “When I was picking a TikTok username, which ended up being the catalyst for this whole situation that I seem to find myself in now, I tried to just go for ‘pantheress’ because I’d heard it in a game show where the question was ‘What is a female panther called?’ and I was like, ‘That’s sick.’ I tried to have it as my username and it was taken so I just put ‘pink’ in front of it, because “Pink Panther” is a great film.”

For this to be her debut album, I was pleasantly surprised. The first song, “Another life (feat. Rema)” begins with the sound of an organ playing, but quickly takes a new direction. I noticed a familiar upbeat and fast singing pattern that resembled her singing style in “Boy’s a liar, Pt.2”. My favorite song on the album was “The aisle.” This song featured a slower start than the others but kept that soft and catchy tune.

Throughout the album she sings of love, emotion, loss and yearn. Because of this and her style overall, I would say that in general this album is geared towards a teen to young adult age range. I always enjoy when an artist has a variety of features on an album, and PinkPantheress did not disappoint with this one. She has songs that feature artists Rema, Central Cee, Kelela and Ice Spice. Overall, this was a soft, catchy album. One issue I had with the album was that her songs all sound pretty similar to each other. On her next album I would like to see more of a variety in voice, tone and lyrics. She seemed to play it pretty safe and similar with these 13 songs. If you enjoyed “Boy’s a liar, Pt.2,” you will love this album.

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