The Reflector is the award-winning student newspaper and online publication of the University of Indianapolis, written and designed by students enrolled in the Applied Journalism course. The staff is led by 12 paid editors and managers who work with editorial assistants and staff writers to select, edit, write and design content. Any student at the University of Indianapolis is eligible to join the staff and can do so by enrolling in COMM 120 Applied Journalism. Editor and manager positions are filled via an application and interview process at the end of each semester. All students are eligible to apply.

Mission Statement:

The Reflector (both the print and online publications) is dedicated to providing fair and accurate news and information for and about the campus community while upholding the highest standards of professional practice and ethical conduct. Operating in accordance with the guarantees of the First Amendment, The Reflector fosters civic discourse and engagement.

As a student-operated, professional media outlet that emphasizes hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in journalism, The Reflector educates enrolled students for active citizenship and prepares aspiring journalists for a profession essential to a democratic society.

Our History:

On November 15, 1922, The Reflector published its first issue to approximately 250 students and faculty on the campus of Indiana Central College. Editor-in-Chief David J. Manly wrote to the campus community on behalf of the first staff: “We pray you then to receive our little paper in all charity, studying our words, forgiving our mistakes and foibles for the sake of the passion in us for self-expression; and by an indulgent and careful perusal of its pages, you would be able to receive a faint and shadowy reflection of our little world.”

In the nearly 100 years since that first issue, The Reflector and the campus it serves have gone through a number of changes. However, our mission to accurately inform the University of Indianapolis community and capture and retain the events of our history remains the same.


The Reflector is archived in two locations:

1) Our online archive that goes from 2007-2015 

2) A print archive from the university archives that goes from the 1920s to the 2010s

Everything from 2014-present can be found via the search bar. If you would like to view the posts by month, you can use the following drop-down menu: