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>> Atomic Bowl Duckpin has been open since December of 1997 in the basement of the Fountain Square Theatre Building. Duckpin bowling is just like regular bowling, but instead of having tall skinny pins and a big ball, you use  short fat pins and a smaller ball. The game even gives you three chances to knock down all the pins, instead of the traditional two. The game is much more fun than traditional bowling. This type of bowling offers you more of a challenge and gives you a chance to try something new. I had a blast going duckpin bowling with a group of friends. I strongly recommend going duckpin bowling at least once in your life. The Atomic Alley is located in the basement of the Fountain Square Theatre Building, while the Action Alley is located on the fourth floor of the same building. The next time you and your friends are looking for something to do, you won’t be disappointed with this fun-filled atmosphere.


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