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“Reaper’s Fall,” the latest novel in the “Reapers Motorcycle Club” series, is captivating and seductive. Written by Joanna Wylde, this story follows Levi “Painter” Brooks. Brooks, who has no family, joins the Reaper’s Motorcycle Club. Brooks will do anything for his new family, even if that means serving a prison term for a crime he did not commit. Melanie Tucker writes to him often while he is in prison. When Brooks is released from prison on parole, fantasies Melanie created in her mind about Brooks turn out to be quite different from what she hoped and expected. Although I have not read the books leading up to “Reaper’s Fall,” I had no difficulty following and understanding what previously had occurred. I really enjoyed the characters’ personalities. It was interesting how the author showed both Brooks and Melanies’ personalities opposed to just one perspective. If you’re a fan of riveting and sensual romance you’ll find this book would be a great read.


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