“Happy Customers”: A Branch of 2010s Nostalgia

Although you may not have heard of the band “Two Door Cinema Club” since the heyday of Tumblr in the 2010s with their album “Tourist History” (2010), they do happen to still be my favorite band (Yes, I have the same music taste as a 22-year-old as I did when I was 13). TDCC released their newest single, titled “Happy Customers,” on March 6, according to Genius, an online website dedicated to lyrics and musical information (Yet another aside, but, they did happen to release “Happy Customers” the day after I saw them in concert in Cincinnati…). 

New Musical Express’s website states the band wanted to “return to their roots” with a single that was simpler and more ‘Indie’ than some of their more recent works. Although I love the more electric style of music they made on the albums “Gameshow” (2016) and “False Alarm” (2019), “Happy Customers” is a fresh yet immensely nostalgic throwback to the band’s roots. 

“Happy Customers” is a bouncy, flowing, guitar-riff-filled Indie pop song, reminiscent of their past work. Lead singer Alex Trimble’s voice is smooth and melodic, and he has an impressive vocal range. Bassist Kevin Bairs and electric guitarist Sam Halliday “steer the ship” with rhythms that make me want to get up and dance. However, the lyrics are purposely “tongue-in-cheek and contrast the happy-go-lucky nature of the music,” according to NME. The chorus goes: “Days / Same as always / Somewhere halfway / Something new,” and the post-chorus: “We could wait / For tomorrow / Where’d the time go? / What can we do?” If the listener is not actively listening, they may assume this is a silly little tune about sunshine and rainbows, when the lyrics really talk about a hopeless, monotonous life—I love it.

TDCC’s recent trend has been releasing singles in preference over albums. They said it is “freeing” to not have to wait for the fleshed-out production of a full record to share a song they love with fans, according to NME. And, as a music-hungry TDCC fan, I am not mad about it. NME additionally reports the band is planning on releasing more music in 2024 following “Happy Customers,” and I say, “Bring it on!” My friend and I have tickets to see TDCC in Indianapolis this coming October at White River State Park, and I hope they perform “Happy Customers,” as I can only imagine the audience dancing around and happily singing along. And, hey, I definitely will be one of those boogying around if they do!

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