‘Sounds Like Love’ Movie Review

“Sounds Like Love” is a new Spanish romance movie about a woman named Maca trying to navigate her work and love life as her ex-boyfriend shows back up into her life unexpectedly. The main character, Maca, played by Maria Valverde, does a phenomenal job of capturing how hard life can be when thrown a curveball. Throughout the film, all of her co-stars help bring the storyline together with their individual personalities. Leo, her ex-boyfriend, played by Alex Gonzalez, brings a majority of the drama into the film with the choices he makes surrounding the other actors. Within the film, the viewers are shown how Maca’s life is impacted when she finds herself in tough situations surrounding Leo. She relies on the help of her two best friends Jimena, played by Elisbet Casanovas, and Adriana, played by Susana Abaitua, as they also navigate through their love life, which seems to get more complicated as the film progresses. 

The movie is shot mainly in Madrid, where Maca has a job as a fashion assistant for a famous influencer Pipa, played by Miri Perez Cabrero. Since she is an assistant for a famous influencer, it makes Maca’s life even crazier. The director, Juana Macias Alba, does an extraordinary job hooking the watcher in with the unique plot line, as well as being able to capture the meaning of love throughout the film. The further I got into the movie, the more I wanted to keep watching it. The movie demonstrates how people need to be able to take control of their life and figure out how to make those tough decisions that will impact the future. “Sounds Like Love” is overall very entertaining as the viewers watch Maca navigate what she is going to do about her jobs, friends and relationships all while trying to find herself. As viewers continue to watch the movie, the viewer experiences flashbacks that show her life while she was with Leo. This part of the movie is very enjoyable because watchers get to see how she interacted in the situations shown. 

The movie being filmed mostly during the night time in Madrid helped the romantic setting surrounding the movie be able to be more present. Furthermore, the camera angles that helped capture her life from her perspective. The one downside to the movie is how fast paced it is. There are multiple flashbacks that Maca has which makes it sometimes confusing to follow along. I would recommend “Sounds Like Love” to an adult audience who likes to watch romantic comedies with a Spanish romance twist.

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