Era’s Tour the Movie Review

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Taylor Swift’s “Era’s Tour the Movie” is certainly a gift to her fans and an exciting show. The movie, which was released on Oct. 13 has already made an estimated $200 million worldwide within the few weeks it has been out. This movie, which was three hours long, was a full recount of her last show in the U.S. leg of her tour in Los Angeles. The movie showed the introduction to her taking her final bow and showed a crystal clear view of her on stage. 

The movie opens with her iconic introduction and countdown that runs through each of her albums. The show includes all of the ad-libbing she did and shows not only Taylor Swift in ultra-high definition but also shows the dancers, the sets and gives a better view that even those who were front row at the concert could not have had. It was constantly changing angles, giving different perspectives and allowed the audience to fully be entranced in the concert as if they were there. 

For fans who will not get to see her in concert, this movie is a great option. It is basically seeing the concert without having to pay thousands for a ticket. For fans who did see the concert but still yearn to have the experience again, this movie is a great option. For people who are not Taylor Swift fans, this movie will probably not be entertaining. Three hours is long for a movie as it is, but especially for a concert film of someone you do not listen to.  

One thing that needs to be addressed is the atmosphere in the theater. There have been videos online where some audience members have gathered together at the front and interacted with the show. If you are someone who wants to see this movie but is worried about that happening, the best option would be to wait until it is available for streaming. Since this movie is so similar to a concert, there were people in the theater singing along and dancing. This can hinder the experience and the movie for those who want to see it. 

Overall, this movie is something not to miss if you are a fan of Taylor Swift and have been wanting to see her concert. This movie provided those who may not have the funds to get tickets a way to still see the show. If you are not a Taylor Swift fan, this movie is not for you and even if you are a fan, it is an especially long movie to see in theaters.

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