As someone who always jumps at the opportunity to see a ComedySportz show, I was extremely excited to attend one of CSz Indianapolis’ “Friday Late Nite” shows. The major difference between the late shows and the traditional matches is the fact that there are no “brown bag” rules, meaning there are no restrictions on subject matter or cursing for the audience or performers. While this did allow a wider variety of comedy on adult subjects and controversial issues, sometimes it felt like the performers were trying too hard for a laugh. Also, at this particular show, the structure was much different than the traditional ComedySportz match, which I actually enjoyed. Where a regular match would include a blue and a red team facing each other in a series of games, the late show had a much looser feel to it. During the first half of the show, different performers would take the stage and give hilarious monologues about subjects, such as Comic-Con, the naming of the Pacers, Sean Spicer and a recent news story about a Kokomo man selling meat from the back of his truck. The second half of the show was by far the best. It was an improvised musical called “Dudesical.”  Jon Colby and Will Pfaffenberger, who also performed in the first half of the show, came out in the second to deliver a gut-busting and absolutely hilarious musical completely based on audience suggestions. I was skeptical going into the show that the “Dudesical” would be very funny, but I was incredibly wrong. For lovers of comedy, especially improv comedy, the Late Nite shows at ComedySportz Indianapolis are a no-brainer.




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