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Entering the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, I was greeted by what appeared to be plain, white walls. But after roaming the exhibits, I found that the museum was full of life. “Transaction Boundaries” — the exhibit during my visit — documented the beauty of Cuban life with photography, film and sculptures. On the far wall opposite the entrance, there was a collage of photos in the outline of Cuba.  Next to the entrance was a pair of headphones, which played the sounds one would hear roaming the Cuban streets. In a separate room was a couch with a screen in front of it, where a film of the streets of Cuba was playing,  documenting the daily life of the people. The film was my favorite part of the exhibit, because it gave the exhibit the liveliness it needed and I learned more about the Cuban people. While the artwork was beautiful, the exhibit comprised only two rooms, and there was not enough to hold interest for a significant amount of time.


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