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These four Australian rockers are taking over the music industry with their new album “Sounds Good Feels Good.” 5 Seconds of Summer just released the album on Oct. 23, and the songs are already playing on every station. Any crowd can get into their music. They know how to rock out and play their own instruments, and you can listen to 5 Seconds of Summer anytime, anywhere. All of the songs on this album are a great listen. The album contains songs that you want to jam to in the car with all of your friends. The songs are mostly happy and definitely will put a smile on your face. My favorite song from this album is “She’s Kinda Hot.” The music and words are very catchy, and it’s the song that you will be singing in your head all day. These Australian musicians definitely know how to capture a crowd with their cuteness and catchiness. Despite having summer in their name, this is a band that you can enjoy during all the seasons.


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