Godsmack: 1000HP

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>> I have always loved alternative metal music, but when it comes to the band Godsmack, I usually would listen to them in passing rather than by choice. The band has been around since 1995, and their sixth album “1000hp” came out Aug. 5. I did not have high expectations for this album since I am pretty unfamiliar with the band, but I did not think it would be horrible either. After three tracks of the album, I realized I was enjoying it. I find that the problem with most rock bands is that the lead singer will scream or mutter the lyrics of their songs to the point where they are incoherent. But lead singer Sully Erna does not do this, and it is a nice change from other metal bands. Like any good rock album, “1000hp” gets your blood boiling, your head banging and your ears ringing. Every track is not just a song, but rather an experience. Do not look at Godsmack as outdated or too old to get excited about, but as a band with a lot of knowledge and a great deal of talent that a metal fan of any age can enjoy.

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