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Listening to Flaming Lips’ newest album “Oczy Mlody” made my mood steadily declining. I’m sure that diehard fans of this acid-bubblegum band felt their moods steadily increase with psychedelic pleasure. The beginning half of this 12-track album is slow and lacking, except for track three, “There Should Be Unicorns.” This track shocked me, considering “Oczy Mlody’s” message is about an artistic drug causing dreams of having sex with mythical creatures during a prolonged slumber. From the album’s seventh track, “One Night While Hunting for Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill,” to its final track, “We A Famly,” the tempo and variations of interesting rhythms collectively make the second half enjoyable. Of the 12 songs on the band’s 14th album, my favorite is “Almost Home (Blisko Domu).” At the halfway point in the song, the beats per minute increase, creating a slightly noticeable difference in foot tapping. The synthesizer in the second half acts as a string ensemble, bestowing a classical feeling to the song. This album would be great for anyone looking to escape into a world of droning binaural beats. Although I don’t expect to hear any of these songs played on the radio, I do believe that by letting your eyes lose focus and your mind slip into un-concentrated pulses, bliss can wrap you up and take you to a cloud. I was intrigued but not impressed enough to continue to seek out this group’s music.


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