Marilyn Manson: “WE ARE CHAOS” Review

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A stereotypical hardcore rock album was to be expected of Marilyn Manson’s latest release from Sept. 11, “WE ARE CHAOS.” It sounds like a repeat of all of his previous albums, but with a slightly darker tone to it. Manson has appealed to his cult following for years now by deep bass lines, screams and dark tones in his lyrics. This album is just that, but tenfold.

The title song “WE ARE CHAOS” and ending song “BROKEN NEEDLE” immediately stood apart from the rest of the album because it didn’t sound like the typical Manson. It sounded like David Bowie but with negative Manson lyrics. It was an uplifting, mystical ride of a song, but it scares me personally because I wonder where this avenue Manson took came from. 

I think the song could be hinting at the end of his career. After all, he has been in the music industry since 1989, so maybe he’s tired because these songs were the least chaotic on the album.

“HALF-WAY & ONE STEP FORWARD” was actually kind of uplifting. I could see it satisfying many by being used on a workout playlist because it has the edgy guitar line, but also the methodical sound of Manson’s raspy voice. It’s one for those who aren’t longtime listeners or just not fans of heavy metal. 

Each song on the album has an edge of creativity, and they all fit into different realms in terms of lyrical and musical content, which makes them fit together so well. They’re unique, tied together by thematically elements such as negative, self-deprecating undertones lyrically and incredible guitar riffs. Manson has released another hit album that could appeal to his niche audience but also the greater public in some aspects such as the repetitive, eerie tones that dancers could easily use for interpretive dance. 

This doesn’t appear to be a defining moment of his career. However, as I don’t see any of these songs being played on repeat on radio stations because they’re not as catchy as his past hits were. However, the genius that is Marilyn Manson has once again created a beautiful but dark album that can serve as a cathartic release from reality.

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