Art Squared in Fountain Square Review

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People from all walks of life, whether they create art to pay the bills or for enjoyment, came to Fountain Square Sept. 15 to show their work to the Indianapolis community. The event was called Art Squared and had hundreds of people coming out to see the various art forms that were represented. People were also playing live music in the streets, which was a nice addition to the overall atmosphere.

Things such as clothing, photography, drawing, painting and even woodwork were popular. The artists and vendors had everything set at a reasonable price considering the size and detail of each piece. The streets were not overly crowded but were still busy with people. Every person I met was more interesting than the last. With that being said, it was not as “high end” as some art events. The event showcased amateur artists who were very talented and displayed a wide variety of art forms and skill levels. The art fair was just one part of the day. Art Squared also included a parade and masterpiece showcase later in the day. All in all, it was a quaint yet fun event and the art there celebrated each artist’s individual talent and the Indianapolis community as a whole



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