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TGT-LogoConcepts4aIf you feel like detoxing after eating like a typical college kid for weeks, The Garden Table is just the right place. The menu follows the popular farm-to-table trend, with locally sourced food that changes depending on the season. I went during brunch hours, so the food options varied from avocado toast and acai bowls, to spinach wraps and hot smoked salmon. Some also may recognize GT from the numerous social media photos of their juice flights–four sample glasses of their cold-pressed juices–which I was eager to try. My friend and I decided to get two flights and try all eight of their juice options. Of the eight I liked only four, my favorite being the Amped Almond, which consisted of filtered H20, almond, cold brew coffee, date, vanilla bean and Himalayan pink sea salt. Surprisingly, I also enjoyed the Detox Dream, which contained filtered H20, lemon, maple, ginger, activated charcoal and cayenne. I understand that juices are meant for their nutritional purposes and not so much for their taste, so I would not take my less-than-par juice experience into too much consideration. The food, though, is easy to love. I went with the Tuscan toast, a Semolina bread topped with pesto, tomato, olive relish, lamb bacon, peppery greens, feta and olive oil. It was absolutely delicious and I left with no regrets.  My friend ordered the rolled omelet, and although she was not a fan of the sauce with which it was paired, she thoroughly enjoyed the omelet itself. My toast, one juice flight and a reasonable tip came to just under $30, so a little pricey. Overall, I left feeling a refreshed and satisfied customer.


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