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It has been a few years since Ludacris has placed focus on his music, due to his duties as an entrepreneur and actor, but the rapper has finally returned this year with the release of his ninth album called “Ludaversal.” In the latest album, we see Ludacris take an alternate route compared to his previous albums, as most of the tracks only feature himself, rather than bringing in an ensemble of other artists to help it attract other listeners. To me, this does not mean that he was not able to get any contributions because no one wanted to appear on the album, but rather that he wants to prove that he is capable to still sell many copies on his own simply based off his name.

Now while I would have preferred to have seen some other artist appear on the album, I believe that Ludacris did a really great job in delivering an album basically on by himself. His lyrics and flow are still as strong as ever, and he still sounds like the rapper from many years ago who is hungry to be remembered as one of the greatest to ever be in the business. Despite his career taking off in other areas such as business and acting, Ludacris successfully proved that he is still more than capable of belonging in the music industry and has not lost his touch even after taking such a long break since his last album five years ago. If you are a fan of upbeat and fast tempo rap music, Ludacris is one of the best at delivering such a sound, and I would recommend this album for you.

3 ½ stars out of five stars

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