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>> Stepping onto the grounds of Harry Potter World was like stepping into a magical dream. For years, I dreamed of being able to walk the paths of Hogwarts and travel down Diagon Alley, and this dream became a reality. Everywhere I looked, there were kids and adults alike in Hogwarts robes waving wands. I got to drink Butterbeer (non-alcoholic for those of you who are Muggles) and eat at Three Broomsticks. At night, you can stop by and see champions of the schools that were in the Triwizard Tournament perform for their schools and meet those wizards after the show. The rides were fantastic, some being in 3-D and others making you feel exhilarated. A warning to those wizards whose vaults are running low: very little of the merchandise is inexpensive, so make sure to bring lots of pocket change. Hopefully, I will get another chance to visit this magical place again in the near future.


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