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“Eddie the Eagle” opened Feb. 26 and has since inspired the nation. The movie is based on true events about
a young British ski-jumper who never stopped believing in himself despite great odds. Taron Egerton, who portrays the young Michael “Eddie” Edwards in this heart warming film, plays alongside his rebellious and charismatic coach, Bronson Peary, played by Australian actor Hugh Jackman. Eddie, whose character can be described as a loveable goofball, became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in 1988 at the Calgary Winter Olympics. Although Eddie placed poorly in the games, he went on and became an icon of the Olympic spirit. This film warms the heart of even the coldest of people. My favorite part was not a particular scene, but the interactions between Eddie and Bronson, which made this a film I grew to love. If you are looking for a film about an underdog, look no further than this wonderful story.


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