’90s Throwback Album Review: “Nevermind” by Nirvana (1991)

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The staff of The Reflector thought about our favorite entertainment from the 1990s and decided to review them. We just had one rule: They could only review what they hadn’t already seen, heard or read.

nevermind-nirvanaNirvana’s most popular album, “Nevermind” was an interesting listen. I was surprised with myself and my reaction while listening to this album because it turned out to be an album I actually enjoyed.

The first song off the album, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” is immediately catchy, easy to follow along and made me excited to listen to the rest of the album. It’s a song I would listen to while hanging out with friends or while I get ready.

The next song that really caught my attention was “Come As You Are.” To me, it had a very similar beat to the first track, but was slower. The song the lyrics in the song were very catchy and easy to remember. This is more of a song I would listen to while doing homework or hanging out.  

The fourth song on the album was “Lithium” and I liked this song as soon as it started. It began with slow singing and as the beat turned faster, the whole song became more exciting.

Growing up, I always knew who Nirvana was, but I had never really taken the time to listen to an entire album. I would suggest “Nevermind” to anyone who’s into the alternative genre, considering “Nevermind” is the most easily recognizable grunge album.


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