Climb Time

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When I arrived at Climb Time only the “c,”  “t” and “i” were lit up on the sign. I figured that it would be a metaphor for my time there. But this little rock climbing facility was easy to navigate and fun for any skill level. The man at the front desk gave a short tutorial on the equipment, and then my friends and I were off and climbing. There is a plethora of hand and foot hold difficulty-levels. But each wall is labeled, so you can choose how  much  you want to challenge  yourself. I was skeptical of how my upper body strength would hold out, but I made it up most of the walls that I attempted. This indoor adventure is affordable and offers many different discount nights. I was lucky enough to go there on ladies night. Everyone there was friendly, even when I lost my grip and almost took out a fellow climber. So whether you are a monkey or have childlike  strength, Climb Time is great for unusual fun. The only downside is that it is in Castleton.

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