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>>  I started off my adventure along the Monon Trail on a Sunday evening. The trail itself runs from the near east side of downtown, through the lively Broad Ripple area and all the way through Carmel. Users of the trail can either bike, walk or run. I was impressed by the friendly patrons who would move out of my way and warn me if they were coming up from behind. The trail gives users plenty of warning before a busy intersection, oftentimes two or three signs. I rode about five miles total all the way to the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Sections of the trail vary from bright murals to serene forest life. One downside, however, is that certain portions of the trail have an odor similar to the smells that a septic tank would give off, making it hard to breathe while biking and jogging. The trail also has time limits, and users will get tickets for being on the trail too early or too late. For those who want an interesting place to exercise, I definitely recommend using the Monon Trail.


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