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Pizzology on Mass Ave. takes pizza restaurants to another level with its soho chic style. Large windows preview all Pizzology has to offer, from its hip flow of tables and half booths to the vibe of busy life. If you are a party of three, you will have some wait time but unlike most restaurants, Pizzology sends text messages to let you know when your table is ready. I recommend sitting at the pizza bar for two reasons – you will be seated faster and the food is prepared right before your eyes. The aroma pulls you in as you watch the pizza being made with all the fresh and healthy ingredients, even down to the olive oil. Pizzology serves more than the average pizza, such as toppings of egg yolk or corn. I ordered the Lombardy. Instead of red sauce, the Lombardy uses oil as a base, and it not only tasted better, it was healthier. The addition of basil gave it a nice flavor. Pizzology is definitely a place I recommend for anyone looking for a good slice of pizza in a hip new atmosphere on Mass Ave.


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