Christina Perri: Head over heart

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>> With Christina Perri’s tour kicking off this spring, her single “Human,” released on Nov. 18, has set the tone for the entire “Head or Heart” album, released April 1. On her Facebook page Perri said, “Because I continue to fall in and out of love, I find myself often at those massive highs and lows.” While falling in and out of  love with this album, I realized that time is everything. While the first listen through wasn’t anything to get excited about, by the third time, it was obvious how much the lyrics and melodies stuck. Perri has put a lot of strong emotions into this album, with tones of hope and desperation. So if you are a fan of heartfelt lyrics and emotional melodies, then check out this CD. The song that really caught my attention was “Burning Gold.” Although the album is not one I would go out and buy for my own collection, it does do a fantastic job of asking an important question: “In matters of love, should you rely on your heart or your head?”

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