Gucci Mane: “Evil Genius” Review

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Understanding the current state of rap music is key to understanding any new release. This includes Gucci Mane’s latest album, “Evil Genius.” In the album, he uses very simple rhyme schemes and patterns to create a slow and methodical vibe in each of his songs, a style that I have noticed is very popular in current rap music. While this works in many of his songs on this album, it produces an overall better track when he picks up the pace.

The songs on this album that feature other artists are where the album finds its strength, because collaborating helps the songs change pace and make more of an impression. To put it frankly, Gucci Mane by himself is much worse than when he works with other artists. The best examples of this on the album would be “Bi Polar” (feat. Quavo) and “I’m Not Goin’ (feat. Kevin Gates), where Gates does the majority of the rapping. The pacing is much better on these songs. Still, it says something that the best part of Gucci Mane’s album are the parts he is least involved in.

These negative aspects of the album are summarized perfectly in one song, which is ironically is the first on the album. The lead track, “Off the Boat,” suffers from simple lyrics that are repeated dozens of times. While this might succeed in getting stuck in the listener’s head, the song is extremely annoying. Repetition is okay at times, but when it is the hook to the song, it isn’t. This problem occurs is most of Gucci Mane’s solo songs on the album.

Overall, out of 18 songs, I only found five or six that I truly liked and will continue listening to. I can see this album being very popular at parties this coming semester, but I personally would not listen to many of them. Basically, Gucci Mane by himself is kind of lame, but listening with friends, this album might not behalf bad.

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