Bazbeaux Pizza

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>> From the vegan veggie-lovers to the nothing-but-meat carnivores, college students have made pizza a staple of their diet.  But if you are tired of corporate chains that serve up pizzas that are mostly crust, then try something outside the “pizza box” and check out this local favorite. Bazbeaux has been serving up unique and delicious pizza since 1986. The menu consists of more than 50 different toppings and, for those who find it hard to choose, 25 specialty pizzas.  On my return trip to the downtown Indy location,  I decided to try the famous Pizza Alla Quattro Formaggio—a four-cheese blend of Romano, cheddar, ricotta and mozzarella with a healthy dose of bacon and mushrooms to top it off.  This artery clogger was worth every bite. This was an excellent dinner, with plenty to take home and eat cold the next morning. If you consider yourself a pizza connoisseur, then Bazbeaux is one of the places you need to visit.

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