Tragicomedy ‘Love Song’ takes stage

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The University of  Indianapolis  Theatre Department premiered “Love Song” by John Kolvenbach on April 11. “Love Song” centers around the story of  Beane and Molly, who develop a relationship that is more than a normal relationship. At the same time, the audience sees the story of Beane’s sister, Joan and her husband, Harry.


Sophomore theatre major Justess Hurst, who plays Molly, and senior theatre major Ross Percell, who plays Beane, perform a scene during rehearsals for “Love Song.” The play officially opened on April 10 and will run through April 26 in Ransburg Auditorium. (Photo by Khiry Clark)


“The play explores the idea of what love really is and how it affects people,” said junior theatre major Nate Coder, who plays the role of Harry.

Coder said his character, Harry, is a caring person whose good intentions sometimes get in the way of his relationships.

“He sometimes likes to play devil’s advocate,” Coder said. “However, he still cares about the people around him and really wants what’s best for everyone. But sometimes that gets in the way of  him and Joan’s relationship as a married couple.”

Coder said that the interesting thing about working on this type of play is how the actors can  relate to their characters.

“We usually work very much on separating ourselves from the character,” he said. “But with this play, we worked so that the character was still established, but we still tied ourselves into the character more. So in addition to the care that Harry has for others, I’ll find that in myself as well.”

“Love Song” earned an Olivier nomination in 2010 on the London stage and has received many positive reviews from Chicago to Broadway. Show times are  at 8 p.m. April 24-26. Tickets are free for students.


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