The Pretty Reckless: Going to Hell

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>> The Pretty Reckless’ new CD is meant  to  take  the listener on a first-class trip to hell with songs such as “Burn” and “Blame Me.” But honestly, listening to this album was hell. I have been a fan of  The Pretty Reckless ever since I heard the group’s hit song “Make Me Wanna Die.”  So when I heard that their second studio album was coming out,  I had high  hopes for it. Unfortunately, the album is filled with cliché lyrics, overused guitar riffs and an uncomfortable amount of Satanic chanting. Maybe I was a bit naïve when I heard the title name, and I should have realized that this album was going to be religiously dark, but the style of the songs was so unlike what I had heard before from this band, that I forgot from time to time to whom I was listening. I will give credit where credit is due. Taylor Momsen’s voice is hauntingly stellar, and the song “Heaven Knows” did have me singing along with the chorus and feeling nostalgic for Warped Tour.

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