Auschwitz Escape

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>> “The Auschwitz Escape,” written by Joel Rosenberg, is one of the most moving  books  I have had the pleasure to read. Rosenberg pulls his readers into the time of World War II and introduces us to Jacob Weisz and his family, who have witnessed and experienced the violence of Hitler firsthand. After Jacob runs off and joins the rebel forces, a raid goes horribly wrong, and Jacob finds himself on a one-way train to the dreaded  Auschwitz death camp. Relying on his wits and faith,   Jacob must find a way to escape this horrible life sentence to show the world what is really happening to all the Jewish people. However,  escaping  a death camp is no easy feat.  This book has just enough action, suspense and even romance to keep the reader intrigued and wanting to read more. Although the book graphically portrays the story,  that portrayal enhances feelings of the characters and gives insight into how these horrible times during the Holocaust really felt.

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