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glowgolf1When looking for something fun and at a good price, Glowgolf may be the place for you to go. This Glowgolf facility is located right in the middle of Circle Center Mall on the third floor and on the fourth floor  I found that it is better to go with a group of friends rather than by yourself.

When my friends and I arrived, we were the only ones who were there, which gave us a lot of room. The staff there were very friendly and answered every question we had.

The first thing I noticed when we started playing was that the holes were not as challenging as I imagined and that the area between the holes was very small. This did, however, give us extra time to play each hole.

We had a hard time going from one side of the mall to the other when we were looking for the second location. It took us approximately 10 minutes to find the second location. The second course had more space between each hole, had less glow-in- the-dark art and was more about just the lights.

In terms of cost, we paid $10 for both courses which is pretty pricey. If you are in a rush and can only do one course, then you would waste most of what you paid. If you do have time to do both courses, the price ends up being $5 per game which includes 18 holes. There were several deals on websites such as Groupon, which had a deal for 3 rounds for $6, compared to two rounds for $10.

The idea of having a glow-in-the-dark minigolf is a fun idea, but we could see the lack of execution. The only “special” thing is the glow aspect, however, Glowgolf provides a great experience for a decent price.

circle centre mall, 49 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46204



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