‘Firebug’ Podcast Review

The story of the “Firebug” podcast is nothing short of engaging and suspenseful. I personally love podcasts, although I do not get to listen to them as much as I would like, so I was excited to finally make the time to listen to this one.

Released in July 2021 on Acast.com, “Firebug” tackles the true story of a serial arsonist in California in the 90s, the investigations into the fires and the psychology of arsonists. Every episode of this podcast is intertwined with each other. Every detail matters, and this quality made me want to listen to the podcast nonstop.

The podcast takes the form of a documentary, but without anything to watch. There are personal accounts and interviews with victims, investigators and even the arsonist himself. All of these tug at the heartstrings and got me invested into the story. 

“Firebug” is thrilling and entertaining. Just when it seems there is nothing more, the podcast introduces another layer of the story. The arsonist himself and the journey to understand him is fascinating. There are twists and turns that gave me a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. 

The quality of this podcast is what you would expect out of a high budget Hollywood movie. The nonfictional podcast includes countless interviews with people personally involved in the events, emotional and suspenseful music, sound effects and high quality editing. I found myself immersed in what I was listening to. It was easy to create visual images in my mind as the story was being told. 

The podcast is split into ten chapters or episodes. Each chapter is about 30 to 40 minutes long, so it is easy to situate in a busy schedule. Each episode is suspenseful and left me wanting more. They also smoothly transition between each other. Overall, all of the chapters are relevant and engaging, so the length of the podcast is appropriate. 

“Firebug” is worth the listen and it is not much of a commitment. I found myself heavily invested in the story, and even Googled the people and events as I listened to it. The beauty of podcasts like this is that I can take care of chores and actually have fun while doing them because I was listening to something so entertaining.

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