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siam-squareLet me start by saying that I love Thai food. I probably eat Thai food too much, so when I got the chance to review a new Thai restaurant, I was very excited. While I enjoyed the overall experience and food at Siam Square, it wasn’t as good as other places I have been in the area.

The atmosphere in Siam Square was nice, but didn’t have the same family owned and operated feel that I usually get when I go to Thai restaurants. While photos on the walls were fun and cheerful, they looked like stock photos and that bothered me.

I went with a few friends and we decided to split two appetizers, the curry puffs and steamed dumplings. The curry puffs were really good. It reminded me of a savory British pie with a bit more flavor. My only complaint was that we only got three puffs for $6.50, which I think is too expensive. While the steamed dumpling got huge praise from one of my friends, they weren’t for me.  I thought the taste was good but the texture was weird, although I think that’s more of a complaint for dumplings in general than Siam Square.

I went for my favorite Thai dish, green curry, for my entrée. The color of the curry was just right; it actually looked green, but didn’t look like something from a Dr. Suess book. That may seem like an odd thing to comment on, but it’s really off putting when your curry is not the right color. The ratio of chicken to vegetables was great, although the spice left a lot to be desired. I ordered my curry hot and green curry is already meant to be a spicy curry, but what I got was a low-level medium. My other friends also said their food was not nearly as spicy as they thought it would be, which is extremely disappointing.

Compared to other Thai restaurants I’ve been to, I felt like I got less food for more money. Although, altogether it was pretty good, it didn’t hold up to the other Thai experiences I’ve had. It’s not like I would not recommend Siam Square, I would, but there are other Thai restaurants in the area that are better and more affordable, and I would recommend those first.

936 Virginia Avenue 

Indianapolis, IN 46203


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