ATEEZ: “ZERO: FEVER Part.3” Review

ATEEZ are back with their latest album for their “ZERO album series, “ZERO: FEVER Part 3.” The dominating K-pop group of eight men have come together to release six new tracks for the album. After having their main rapper, Song Mingi, on a mental health break that lasted eight months, ATEEZ are back and better than ever.

Following the success of “ZERO: FEVER Part 2, this newly released album has not failed to ride the same wave of success. With the lead up of the release containing multiple teasers, debut photos and interaction with the fans, ATEEZ has successfully caught the attention of many, including mine, with this album.

“Eternal Sunshine” is the first track to introduce the album. With its catchy beat and easy to follow lyrics, there is no way that this song could not be a favorite right off the bat. The happy energy exuded from both the music and the lyrics are sure to bring any mood up. “Eternal Sunshine” calls for a quick dance break to my everyday routine. 

Despite the ear catching song that “Eternal Sunshine” is, their second song to the album “Feeling Like I Do” does not catch much of my attention. ATEEZ produces their beats very well, but this song just did not do it for me. Despite ATEEZ leader Kim Hongjoong’s vocals, I found myself feeling as if something was missing from it. 

Moving along to their title track “Deja Vu,” ATEEZ demonstrates that they are fully capable of creating a song with every lyric being catchy. This has to be one of my favorites off of the album. Mingi and Hongjoong’s rap duet or vocalist and dancer Kang Yeosang never fail to entertain me. Fully listening to this song makes me realize as to why it is the title track. 

“Rocky” comes in with a punch. With the sick beat, the fast rapping and vocalist Choi Jongho’s high notes, it’s simply a song that is not easy to forget on the album. The fast pacing in the song certainly reminds me of their past albums and certainly ZERO: FEVER Part 2.

Duality is something that comes easy to ATEEZ. “All About You” demonstrates how easy the group can go from fast paced to a slowed love song. Vocalists Park Seonghwa and Choi San’s whispered lyrics can easily make people fall in love. 

Going onto the last track, “Not Too Late” creates the perfect mood for reminiscing on a past love. Yeosang and vocalist Jung Wooyoung make a perfect mix with the slow beat. Let’s not forget lead dancer and vocalist Jeong Yunho bringing the song all together with the last lyrics, ending the album on a soft note. I have been a big fan of ATEEZ since early in their debut as a group, and no albums including this one have failed to grab my attention. ATEEZ brings a refreshing look at K-pop and they certainly have a lot more to offer. With the continuation of making albums as amazing as “FEVER Pt. 3”, I can certainly say that ATEEZ will not let me down as a long time fan.

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