Hallmark’s ‘A Timeless Christmas’: Review

“A Timeless Christmas” puts a twist on the familiar Christmas Hallmark movie. I was worried that this movie would be the typical cliché Christmas movie that we see on the Hallmark Channel every holiday season – a basic love story that seems it will take a turn for the worst but nevertheless has a happy ending. Charles Whitley, played by Ryan Paevey, is from the year 1903. He travels ahead in time by 100 years, where he meets Megan Turner, played by Erin Cahill. Megan runs the Whitley Mansion Museum, the home to Charles Whitley before he went missing 100 years ago in 1903. 

Graphic by Noah Fields

It is a very interesting take on this storyline, as no one understands that Charles Whitley is the real Charles Whitley. All of the staff working in the Whitley Mansion are actors, hence why everyone thinks he is simply from the talent agency taking on the main character’s role. It is only Megan, however, who finds a clue that helps her determine that he truly is the one and only Charles Whitley, stuck in the wrong realm of time. 

It is a race against time to see if Charles can go back to 1903 this Christmas season and return to his fiancé. It is based solely upon the mysterious broken antique “Christmas Clock” on whether or not he will be able to turn back time. The clock has time traveling powers that enables the entire plotline of the movie. Although this is indeed a Christmas movie, the mysterious clock holds its audience captive during the whole movie with tension and hope that this movie will have a good ending.

“A Timeless Christmas” was everything but ordinary, and I would keep it that way. Like I previously mentioned, it isn’t your typical plotline to a Hallmark Christmas movie. I think that is what made it so enjoyable and easy to watch. The plotline was unusual yet captivating and it was a very well-thought out film. 

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