Don Juan Taqueria Review

Located in a little strip mall down the street and walking distance from The University of Indianapolis is Don Juan Taqueria. I didn’t even know the Mexican restaurant existed until a few short months ago when one of my friends went there for dinner and told me how good it was. Mexican is by far my favorite food and I wanted to try this little hole in the wall place, so I invited a friend and decided to go for lunch one day. 

I pulled up to the restaurant and a white sign immediately caught my eye: $2 tacos for Taco Tuesday. I knew I was in the right place and came on the right day. We walked in and I was initially surprised. It was really nicely decorated for being such a little restaurant. Another thing I noticed was how clean it was. There were only about 3 other full tables when we went, so it wasn’t crowded at all. We sat ourselves and a waiter came up to us before we were able to sit down on the seat. He handed us menus and mentioned the $2 taco deal. 

They had an array of tacos to choose from, so I decided on the Al Pastor taco and a braised pork taco. The Al Pastor had pork and pineapple, which I’ve had before at other places and the braised pork was just the pork, both inside corn tortillas. After we ordered, we received a bowl of chips and salsa.

Once we got our tacos, our waiter told us that if we wanted other toppings on our tacos, there was a buffet style table set up in the back that had a bunch of different options. This was something I’ve never seen before but really enjoyed. For my toppings, I added onion, cilantro, salsa and lime to my tacos. 

I love tacos and have tried various kinds, but these ones were really great and for only two dollars a piece. I would recommend this restaurant for anyone around the city who wants to try some authentic, and as our waiter called them, “street tacos.”

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