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“Six of Crows,”  by author Leigh Bardugo, is one of the most adventurous books I have ever read. Set in the fictional town of Ketterdam, the book follows the stories of six outsiders who are together in a gang called the Dregs. The leader of the gang, Kaz Brekker, is the notorious criminal of Ketterdam and is willing to take as many risks as possible to achieve greatness. One of these risks involves traveling outside of Ketterdam to rescue another well-known criminal. Kaz, along with his gang of misfits, must complete this mission to get the ultimate prize: 30 million kruge. Each chapter follows one of the six characters, then switches off. In addition to the switching chapters, some of the characters speak an unknown language that is really hard to follow. Overall, if you like adventure books and have the time to try to understand random languages and plots that change every chapter, then this is the book for you. Otherwise, this book may be a challenge.


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