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Located in Schwitzer Student Center, Hanna Garden provides great options for those with a vegetarian or vegan diet. This restaurant has replaced Ace’s Place, which was moved into the dining hall. Of course, you don’t have to be either vegetarian or vegan to dine there. It’s not often that UIndy gets a new restaurant. Much like Fiesta Grill, there are many menu options, all of which are customizable. 

Photo by Logan Wong A Hanna Garden staff member prepares a falafel by adding tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions to a flatbread. Finally, the staff member bakes it in the oven to make it warm.

I am personally not vegetarian, but I do love all kinds of foods which is why I was curious about this new restaurant. Before Hanna Garden, there really were no vegetarian or vegan specific options available at UIndy, so it is good that dining can provide for those people. Hanna Garden works much like Fiesta Grill in how you order food. There are the regular menu items, but you can also get a personalized meal. All of the fresh toppings are laid out behind the counter. 

On my visit to Hanna Garden, I asked for their most popular orders and the gentleman behind the counter pointed to the top two items: the goat cheese and tomato and the falafel. I got the falafel served on flatbread and the goat cheese and tomato served in a bowl. The service was top notch. The people helping me were very nice and they finished my orders very quickly. 

The falafel was pretty big, and I was confused on how to eat it, so when I got home I cut it up and ate it like a pizza. The refreshing toppings and the warm flatbread created an interesting dynamic that I enjoyed.

On the other hand, the goat cheese and tomatoes were not as impressive. It was evident to me that it is meant to be served on a flatbread so that the cheese can melt. I will take note to try that next time. I was left satisfied with the meal, and I highly recommend everyone to try anything from the menu. I will definitely be returning to try some other combinations of foods.

Both items were unlike most things that I have eaten, so they are good for the more adventurous diners. Some other menu items include the Sunshine, made with fruit and cabbage, and the Mediterranean, made with hummus, spinach, and pepperoncini. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this new dining stop at Streets not just to vegetarians and vegans but to anyone looking for some diversity in their diet. It is a healthy, delicious and cheap option for all UIndy students and staff alike.

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