Senior track and field throwers set records

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Receiving numerous GLVC Athlete of the Week and Month awards, the track and field team at the University of Indianapolis has found success. The team has been gaining national recognition with a number of their players being ranked in several events.

Photo contributed by Joseph Harrison

Senior thrower Austin Hogan fires a shotput during a track & field meet.

The throwers are led by seniors Katie Monk, Austin Hogan and Hilary Paxson who have been at the forefront of the team for the past two seasons. Assistant Coach Matt Royer attributed the throwers success to their perseverance and determination to improve.

“They have a very high motor for intensity,” Royer said.“They really want to get after it. Their work ethic is unmatched…you know, they are believing in a coaching standpoint, they’re believing in their own techniques.”

Hogan has a long list of personal awards, earning over 34 different awards and accolades while throwing for UIndy track and field. Hogan attributes his achievements to the people he has had around him throughout his career.

“Having great coaching and having great teammates that have pushed me along the way. Coach [Scott] Fangman is [a] huge part of my success here, and the strength and conditioning coaches here in the weight room,” Hogan said. “All these people have been helping me to achieve these goals.”

While he has not yet claimed any school records, Hogan said he has set his goals high by claiming the UIndy school discus record something he wants to achieve in his tenure as a Greyhound. The current record is held by Randy Heisler with a throw of 62.20 meters and currently, Hogans’ best throw is 58.37 meters.

As the conference championship meet added another accomplishment to his list, Hogan broke the GLVC weight throw record with a throw of 17.81 meters.  To add to the other awards he has earned through his career, he now has another GLVC indoor field athlete award, making it his third time receiving the award.

Monk has found similar success in her career as a Greyhound, holding two different school records. One is her indoor shot put record of 15.54 meters and the other is weight throw record of 19.93 meters.

Monk has been ranked first in weight throw a majority of her senior season and ranked highly in other events like. She said that she has continued to work towards her goal of a podium spot at nationals. According to Monk, finding success like she has requires a large amount of sacrifice.

Photo contributed by Joseph Harrison

Spinning to perform in a hammer throw, senior thrower Hilary Paxson

“Hard work, it’s not easy,” Monk said. “None of its going to be easy, but it’s worth it. You gotta put in the time and the effort and it’ll eventually pay off.”

Monk, at the conference meet, broke her own GLVC weight throw record with a toss of 14.75 meters. She earned the silver metal, one place behind fellow senior thrower Hilary Paxson.

Paxson, who transferred to UIndy her junior year is a player, and according to her, has came into her own receiving her first player of the week award just this year. Paxson was also able to beat out teammate and UIndy weight throw record holder

Photo contributed by Joseph Harrison

Ranked first in weight throw, senior Katie Monk received a 14.75 in throws.

Monk, during the conference meet, earned her first gold metal at a GLVC meet. Paxson said working hard with Monk has made the transition better.

“It feels great [to find success], my seasons have been hard for the past couple years,” Paxson said. “I transferred here so being able to compete under Katie and being able to compete [with her] really has been able to push me.”

According to Monk, Coach Royer is a career inspiration for her and said he is happy to be with them during the success in their respective careers.

“I’ve just been so proud of how they’ve just ingrain themselves into the legacy of throwers we’ve had here,” Royer said. “They’ve done such a fantastic job. I mean, they believed in me. I’m just so happy with the success that they’ve had. It’s just been awesome.”

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