Badflower: ‘Ok, I’m Sick’ Review

Almost three years ago, a small indie rock band by the name of Badflower released their first EP, “Temper,” which featured just a handful of fairly decent songs. Since then, there has been much excitement and mystery over when the band would finally release their first full LP. In February of 2019, that day finally came with the drop of “Ok, I’m Sick,” and the band goes above and beyond all expectations, gifting us with an album that is fantastically crafted and brilliantly written.

Each song delves into a new deeply emotional realm, keeping the listener on their toes in anticipation to the subject of the next song. Some songs, like “Ghost” and “Heroin,” cover in great detail frontman Josh Katz’s personal struggles with self-harm and drugs. Other songs make aggressive commentary on corporate and political subjects. Perhaps the best song to use to encapsulate the gravity of “Ok, I’m Sick” is the song “Daddy,” which tells a horrifying tale of a young girl who is sexually abused by her father until she murders him on his deathbed. The band isn’t afraid to cover any subject, and speaks honestly on the terrors of just living.

Katz’s vocals resonate spectacularly throughout the album, capturing the emotions of each song perfectly. Katz transitions smoothly between clean and unclean vocals, having a dulcet and soft voice in moments when he is weak or calm, and at other times screaming when he is angry or overwhelmed. Accompanied with the instrumentals, this symbiosis makes for a very emotionally powerful album that at multiple times sent chills down my spine.

Joey Morrow shines as lead guitar through multiple solos that demonstrate his talent, and while they aren’t the most complex chords, they are well-executed enough to produce something to bang your head to. Drummer Anthony Sonetti also has his moments in the spotlight, mostly keeping an average beat in the background but occasionally soloing and pretty much going crazy. Overall, the instrumentals aren’t too much to be excited for aside from the solos.

Collectively, the album is an emotional trip from start to finish, with its highlights being Katz performance along with the stories told within each song. The instrumentals provide a 90s rock vibe make the songs energetic enough to bounce around to, though “Ok, I’m Sick” probably isn’t something to jam out with friends to. This album is more of an individual experience, and a journey from start to finish.

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