Mug N’ Bun

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>>Reviewing a drive-in restaurant during negative temperature weather may not be the best idea, but the desire for deep fried food triumphed over logical thinking.  Mug n’ Bun has been a Speedway icon for almost 50 years and a restaurant locals claim is a must-visit.  While this unique location is worth the drive to the West side, the food was not.  The burgers and tenderloins were all pre-formed frozen patties with very little flavor.  The tenderloin smelled and tasted distinctly of freezer burn, and I was unable to finish it. The only good food item I had was the chili cheese dog, which was quite tasty and probably the only thing for which I would be willing to make a return trip, besides the excellent service.  If you want the experience of ordering and eating food from a tray hanging off your car window, Mug n’ Bun fills that role. But if you just want some excellent deep fried food, stick to the South side and hit up Edwards instead.

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