Taco Bell Breakfast

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>> I was a little leery about trying a Taco Bell breakfast, but as I pulled up to the drive through window, I started looking at  the small menu  at the bottom of the board. I stayed a little safe for my first time and ordered Cinnabon bites, a bacon crunch wrap, hash browns and an orange juice. The hash browns were similar to many other fast-food chains’ breakfast hash browns, which honestly I enjoy. The Cinnabon bites were sweet and mouthwatering. The cinnamon sugar coating covering the doughy ball is only the beginning. It’s the cream cheese frosting melted in the middle that makes the bites so amazing. The wrap was good, with hash browns on the bottom and egg, bacon bits and quesadilla sauce piled on top then wrapped and grilled in a soft tortilla shell. It was good, but not the amazing meal that the commercials had made me think it would be. Overall, it wasn’t bad, and I’ll probably have it again, but it wasn’t something to sing about.

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