‘Cry Pretty’ by Carrie Underwood Review

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Carrie Underwood’s newest album, “Cry Pretty,” is a 13 song album worth listening to a dozen times. While most people know Underwood for her songs about southern romances, she takes a step outside of her comfort zone in this album. Underwood featured several other voices such as Ludacris and a background chorus, showing a willingness to experiment with new genres. Underwood also found subtle ways to hide political references throughout the album in songs such as“The Bullet,”which is about gun violence.

As a whole, “Cry Pretty” is a well balanced arrangement of ballads and upbeat songs. After listening to the album, the catchiness of the songs make you want to go back and sing them as loud as you can. There seems to be an attitude behind the album that is new for Underwood. This is obvious in “The Champion,” which has been featured before NFL games. Even Underwood’s songs about romance and heartache seem to have more of a bite to them. Like always, Underwood’s ballads have touched my heart and her upbeat songs have left me dancing in my room like a fool. Her voice has made magic once again, and she’s gone beyond just singing country love song.



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