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milktooth1If I had to make a quick judgement and declare my favorite restaurant, my first instinct would be to pick Milktooth. Some other restaurants may have slightly better food or a more inviting atmosphere, but the way Milktooth brings together every aspect of an enjoyable restaurant experience together is unparalleled. When I visited Milktooth I first noticed that the restaurant is in what looks like a repurposed garage.

Not only does Milktooth offer some of the best food in Indy, it has an extensive coffee menu that would put most coffee shops to shame. I ordered a mocha latte that had the perfect amount of sweetness, and I thought it was cool that the barista made a leaf design out of the cream.

I love Milktooth’s confidence as well, as the bottom of the menu says: “Modifications politely declined.”  To me this implies that the chefs at Milktooth put a lot of time and effort into creating their menu and expect people to experience each dish as a whole, rather than picking it apart. For my main dish, I decided to order the lamb and chorizo posole with fresh hominy. The dish was absolutely incredible in every way possible, having just the right amount of every ingredient and strong, but not overwhelming, spice. This paired extremely well with the Bloody Mary I ordered from the large cocktail menu.

Overall, I spent about $36 including tip for my meal. For those who enjoy predictable  food, Milktooth, unfortunately, is not for you. Those willing to venture out of the usual and try new things, however, will find that Milktooth offers a unique and authentic experience that no other restaurant in Indianapolis can replicate.

534 Virginia AveNUE, 

Indianapolis, IN 46203


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