Three Days in Paris Review

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When I first heard about 3 Days in Paris, I initially ruled out eating there. Having a gluten-free diet, it at first seemed almost impossible for me to find something I could eat off of their menu of only crepes. When I took a chance and asked about gluten-free options, however, I was really impressed that they actually had gluten-free batter upon request. The staff was extremely conscious of any gluten cross contamination that could occur in the kitchen and even offered to spray down and clean their utensils. The ladies working at the stand really made my day by being so thoughtful of my dietary needs and helpful in general.

The restaurant is located in City Market in downtown Indy, which is similar to a huge food court of multiple amazing options. After scanning the menu of both sweet and savory crepes, I ended up ordering the Harvest crepe with the gluten free batter. This option included both sweet and savory elements, which I am usually drawn to. It was stuffed with ham, Swiss cheese, apples, cranberries and a sweet sauce. The huge crepe came out wrapped up to be eaten with my hands, but it was so full that I quickly gave that up to use a fork instead.

From the first bite, I was extremely impressed with the combination of the sweet fruits and ham and the quality of the gluten-free wrap. These types of gluten-free products are usually a hit or miss, but this one was definitely a hit. It didn’t even taste like it was gluten-free at all, and the crepe still had the rich fluffy texture of any other crepe.

Though I really enjoyed the crepe at first, by halfway through the dish I felt like the taste was getting old quickly. I would have liked some kind of greens in the crepe, like spinach or broccoli, to keep it fresh all the way through. I also would have been more satisfied with my meal if I were able to have the crepe as a smaller main course and a side of something like fruit to vary the tastes a bit more.

Overall, I thought 3 Days in Paris had great crepes, even better staff and a great atmosphere to go to with friends.

222 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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