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Indianapolis’ first cat café has been open for only a short time and is definitely drawing the crowds. Whether you’re a cat lover, a coffee lover or anything in between, Nine Lives Cat Café is the place for you. The café consists of two separate rooms: one for dining and one for playing with the cats.  Those with concerns about getting a little cat hair in their coffee have nothing to fear. The cats and the cat handlers stay in their room, while the baristas stay in the other. The dining area is decked out with cat-themed décor and even has cat paintings and coloring books for sale. The menu is simple and includes fairly priced coffees, teas and pastries, along with an assortment of loose-leaf teas to purchase and take home. Separating the two rooms is a wall lined with windows and bar stools, so that the customers can view the cats in the other room. To play and socialize with the cats, it is highly recommended that you reserve your spot before your visit to the café. For a fee of $5 per person, you can spend a whole hour with these adoptable cats. The fee, along with some of the profits from the food, helps pay for the cats’ care. For me, this café was a dream come true. People from the community are helping these cats find their forever homes, and you get to drink coffee and munch on some pastries while you’re there. Open your wallets and go to Nine Lives Cat Café right meow.


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