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>>What is fantasy and what is reality? In the town of Fairfold, no one knows. “The Darkest Part of the Forest” explores what should be unbelievable in a very confounding and mysterious way. Fairy-folk and humans have lived in close proximity for centuries. During this time, they have lived peacefully, until just recently. Suddenly no one is safe, not the tourists or the townsfolk. It has been a common understanding that tourists who come to Fairfold and don’t pay attention could get lost, injured or even die. Townsfolk, however, have been off-limits to the fairy-folk, or so they thought. With a war brewing between the fairy-folk and the humans , absolutely nothing in the future is certain. Luckily for Fairfold, Hazel Evens is there to save the day, along with her brother Ben, who is just looking for a spot of love.  If you are looking for a dark mystery that explores the unknown with a side of love, this is the book for you.

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