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 The notorious super spy Davis Way has found herself in another sticky situation in “Double Knot.” Serving as a celebrity double, Way finds herself on a Caribbean cruise, the MS Probability, with 50 billionaires, several pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage, Anderson Cooper and, last but not least, her mother. Things seem nearly perfect until they find themselves in Suite 704 with the door sealed shut, for good. Way’s first instinct is that this is a glitch, but minutes turned to hours and no rescue team comes to free them. Way makes it her mission, despite being nearly seven months pregnant, to find who is causing the trouble and put it to an end. With $50,000 in poker chips, no more dishes and a crash course dead ahead, Way races against the clock to save everyone. This novel is destined to reveal secrets, destroy antiquities, but most importantly to keep the audience on the edge. My favorite part of the novel is in the beginning, when Way is talking to her celebrity double, Bianca Sanders. Sanders keeps referring to Davis as David and continues to do so even though she is being corrected. Despite her total devotion, Sanders is never pleased. This novel follows Way’s journey and her internal fight to let the truth set her free. “Double Knot” keeps readers entertained, tense with anticipation and eager for more. Although “Double Knot” is not the first in the many Gretchen Archer novels, I look forward to reading more of Archer.


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