Rich the Kid: “The World Is Yours” Album Review

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rich-the-kid-the-world-is-yours-album“The World Is Yours” is one of the most disappointing albums I have heard this year. While there are some positives sprinkled throughout the album, overall what I got was a generic, contemporary rap album that lacked any real substance or originality.

I was drawn to the hype of the album by some of the big-name, hip-hop heavyweights including: Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Future, Chris Brown and Rick Ross as well as new, popular artists like Offset, Quavo and Khalid. The biggest disappointment of the album,  however, is that the features outshine Rich the Kid in just about every song.

The best song on the album is by far “New Freezer” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Unfortunately, this is only due to Lamar’s ability to make any song he touches into gold. Offset and Quavo have a few good verses in “Lost It,” along with Future in “No Question,” but Rich the Kid seems content with letting others carry the weight of this album for him. It’s not a good sign when an artist creates an entire album only to be outperformed by every other artist featured on it.

In an age where hip-hop has become a platform for social and political commentary,  this album completely disregards that to create boring mumble-rap tracks. The only time I could find myself enjoying most of these songs is after I’ve already had a few drinks. Other than that, the songs are so repetitive and irrelevant that I would have a hard time remembering that I even listened to this album.

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