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I’m going to be honest I chose to read this mainly because of the detailed book cover. “I’ll See You in Paris,” a novel by New York Times best-selling author Michelle Gables, is a story of love and mystery that sucked me in. The book starts out by focusing on Laurel and Annie Haley, a mother and daughter duo who are about to take a trip to England. Before they leave, Annie finds a book that her mother tries to hide. The book, “The Missing Duchess of Marlborough,” follows the story of Gladys Spencer-Churchill. As it turns out, Spencer-Churchill lived in the same area that Annie and her mother are visiting. Annie decides to investigate and finds out there are many secrets that her mother has kept from her. Filled with shocks and mysteries solved, this is a book I wanted to keep reading. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a good adventure story that encompasses real life historical characters and real-life love and heartbreak.

Lavender and book

Lavender and book

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