Jailbird Review (All Ages)

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Graphic by Noah Fields

Vivid lights hit your face, music fills your ears, Jailbird is hopping with energy the moment the door opens. With the classic decor filling the eatery side of the bar, the energy was matched at the bar with a retro fridge, Christmas lights and a lettered sign like the ones where you have to put in letters one by one, which was the drink menu. 

My friend and I sat ourselves and a server came over promptly. There was only one side of the menu that showed what they had to offer. Half of the page was food, half was drinks. They had a good variety of options for serving bar food. The only thing I did not like was the lack of wing flavors, as there were only two: lemon pepper and buffalo. For advertising their $1 Wing Wednesdays, I expected more options. Although, it was nice that they had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as an option on the menu, it was very strange in that atmosphere. 

I ordered the Jailbird Cheeseburger. If the restaurant staples its name on a menu item, of course I have to try it. It should give a good overview of what their food is like. My friend ordered the lemon pepper wings, and she let me try a few. 

There were no combo meals so I had to order a side separately, and I chose curly fries. As for the cheeseburger, it was a tiny bit better than a burger from Steak ‘n Shake. For $9, I figured I could have ordered something more special to get the bang for my buck. 

As for the wings, the seasoning was good for being lemon pepper, but the wing itself had essentially no meat on it. 

They were almost a bit over-cooked. But the blue cheese dipping sauce that came with it helped ease my dry mouth. The curly fries had no seasoning, not even salt.

This place is not really about the food, of course. It’s a bar, meant for drinking and good fun.  The joint was cute, the food wasn’t great, but that’s what you get when you go to a bar and you’re underaged.

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