The UIndy Warriors go undefeated for the intramural basketball season

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The University of Indianapolis hosts a plethora of sports for students ranging on three different levels: varsity, club and intramural, according to the UIndy club sports page. Intramural sports are meant to pose as a way for students to blow off steam and allow friendly competition amongst students since they do not play against other universities. One of the sports offered on the intramural level is basketball, where one team––The UIndy Warriors–– is shooting to become two year reigning champions, according to senior player Gerald Bentley.

“I want to say [we have] three more, like ‘regular season games.’” Bentley said. “And then we’ll have the playoffs. It’s by seeding. So we won last year so hopefully, we can, you know, repeat this,” Bentley said.

According to Bentley, the most challenging and memorable game they have faced this season is against the Southside Mafia, with the two teams always having a competitive game because they are good friends off the court. 

“The second time we played our other friend’s team, Southside Mafia, we can get very competitive,” Bentley said. You go out there and have fun and then we all come back to Schwitzer and laugh about the game.” 

Intramurals Coordinator Marcel Atisso said that there are six teams in the league currently, but that he hopes that more people sign up to expand the number of teams. Basketball games happen on Wednesday nights with two 18-minute halves. According to Bentley, his team’s greatest strength is their friendship. 

“I mean, we’ve all been friends for pretty much three, four years now,” Bentley said. “So, we kind of know how each other plays. We know what our strengths and weaknesses are. I would say our strength is just communication and defense. We have a guy that can really score the ball.”

According to Atisso, he has seen all of the UIndy Warriors games, and they have a lot of talented players. Atisso said Bentley is one of the most skilled. 

“They’re a really good team. They have a lot of good guys. They’re pretty skilled. It’s great to have them in the league because a lot of their games are close with other teams in the league so it’s good to have them in there as competitors,” Atisso said. “They take it serious which is good. It’s what I like and so they make it fun as well… So I’m happy about that. As long as as many people can play as possible and they’re having a good time.”

Atisso said that the season will conclude after Thanksgiving break, with the end of season tournament scheduled for the week before finals. In the second semester, another season will commence. According to Atisso, there is also an opportunity to participate in a variety of intramural sports, including volleyball, soccer and flag football throughout the year. Bentley said he would encourage students to join intramural sports. 

“Just get a group of friends that you are comfortable with and just try to go have fun. Bentley said. “There’s a team that they’re free agents so you know, if you can’t get a full team together, you can always pick someone, and bring them in. I try to have fun, that’s pretty much the big thing for me, that’s pretty much what intramural sports is for. Just have fun, to get some exercise, cardio things like that.”

According to Atisso, intramural sports give students an opportunity to hang out with friends and also meet new people. Atisso said the overall goal is to just have fun.

“I think students should join just because it gives students a platform to be able to play sports and get outside of studying and all of that and it’s just a way to de-stress and meet new people or play with your friends… It’s free too,” said Atisso. “I think that’s amazing. Just a platform to play sports, have fun, and just get outside and or get on the court and just do those things with your friends and meet new people.”

Photo by Breanna Emmett UIndy intramural Basketball Player Augustine Chikamba faces off against a member of the opposing UIndy team. Intramural basketball games are held on Wednesdays from 7 pm to 9 pm.

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